When a Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

You’ll probably agree that getting a tooth pulled sounds like no fun, and we’d agree with you. That said, there are a number of different occasions when it becomes necessary to extract a tooth for your oral and overall health. At Morning Dental, we take pride in providing a comfortable environment for our patients who are in need of a safe and effective tooth extraction. 

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is simply the removal of one of your teeth from its bone socket. There are a number of different reasons why you might require a tooth extraction, such as:

It’s important to note that our team at Morning Dental will only recommend a tooth extraction when absolutely necessary. If it’s possible to save the tooth in question or prevent further damage to your mouth through other means, those options will be explored with you.

How to prepare for a tooth extraction

If it turns out that you require a tooth extraction, there’s a comprehensive preparation process that our team will walk you through. 

First, we’ll take x-rays of your mouth to figure out the best route to extract the tooth and ensure there’s no other issues going on beneath the service that we cant see with a simple dental examination

We’ll then collect and review your medical history with you. We will discuss any surgeries you’ve had in the past, any allergies to medications you have, and any medications that you’re currently taking. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins and supplements.

The day of your procedure

On the day of the extraction, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

If you’ve got a damaged tooth or think you may need a tooth extraction for any other reason, call us today or schedule an appointment online for a consultation. 

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