These Common Bad Habits Could be Ruining Your Teeth

Show off a healthy smile with teeth that are white, straight, and free of chips, gum erosion, and decay. Your everyday habits play a large role in your overall oral health. Good hygiene is a crucial step in protecting your teeth, but so is the way you treat your teeth. At Morning Dental, we want to help you keep your beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

Break these bad habits to protect your teeth and prevent unplanned visits to our office.

Chewing hard items

Avoid chomping on ice in your drink. It may feel refreshing, but doing so can actually crack your teeth. Extreme cold (like extreme heat) raises your risk for developing tooth sensitivity, too.

Keep all non-food items out of your mouth. This includes pens, fingernails, bottle caps, and paper. If you do have a hard item on your plate, such as a carrot, use the molars in the back of your mouth the break them up. Using your front teeth puts them at risk of chipping or breaking.

Never use your teeth as a tool by biting open a package or twisting off bottle cap.

Oral piercings

Tongue and lip piercings are not recommended. While they may fit your personal aesthetic, they can damage your teeth.

A tongue or lip stud knocks against your teeth, damaging and cracking the enamel.  The studs can rub against your tender gums, too, creating pain, infection, and erosion that could lead to tooth loss.

You may still enjoy piercings, just ask our staff as to how best to place them to preserve your teeth.

Sweet indulgences

You don’t have to give up candy or soda, but too much in excess puts you at increased risk for developing cavities. Sugars turn into acid. The acid eats through your tooth enamel, creating channels that allow bacteria to travel into and infect the sensitive pulp of your teeth.

Limit the following foods to protect your teeth:


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