Stop Tooth Decay in Its Tracks With Fillings

Many people think that teeth are made of bone. Actually, the outer layer of your teeth is composed of enamel, a substance that is actually stronger than bone. Even though enamel is the strongest material in your body, it can be weakened by decay, exposing the softer, weaker inner areas of your teeth.  

A recent study found that 23-43% of Americans don’t visit a dentist even once a year. Annual dental visits provide preventive dental care that can help you avoid more serious dental issues. People may avoid the dental care they need because they are scared of any discomfort they could experience while at the dentist’s office. However, tooth decay can be quite painful if not treated in a timely manner. 

At Morning Dental, we are here to meet your dental care needs. Compassionate and highly experienced dentists Bao Nguyen, DDS and Michael Floorman, DDS provide a full range of dental services in a comfortable, supportive environment at their offices in Santa Ana and Huntington Beach, California. Drs. Nguyen and Floorman have the diagnostic services and treatments you need to prevent tooth decay from taking hold of your teeth.

What causes tooth decay?

There are many types of bacteria that live inside your mouth. When you eat, some of these bacteria feed off the residue of foods that are left on your teeth. They combine with the starches and sugars in foods to form a sticky substance that is called plaque. This plaque is acidic, and it eats away at the minerals that make up the outer enamel layer of your teeth.

When it is newly formed and soft, plaque can easily be removed by brushing and flossing. However, if it is not removed, plaque can harden into a substance that is called tartar, which can further hasten tooth decay and irritate your gums, causing gum disease. Tartar cannot simply be brushed away, it must be removed during a professional dental cleaning. 

If the plaque and tartar are not removed, they will continue to eat away at the enamel on your teeth, eventually causing small holes in your teeth that are called cavities. These holes allow the decay to enter into the softer inner layers of your teeth, which can cause even more serious and lasting dental problems, along with sensitivity, pain, and possible discoloration of your tooth.

Stop tooth decay in its tracks with fillings

Professional dental cleanings completely remove any plaque and tartar that you have on your teeth that are causing decay. Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Nguyen or Dr. Floorman then examine your teeth and gums and use x-rays to get a closer look. If they find any cavities in your teeth, they recommend having fillings placed.

A filling covers up the hole in your tooth, stopping the decay from moving into the inner areas of your teeth, which are much softer. Fillings also resolve any symptoms you are experiencing, because the sensitive nerves of your teeth are fully protected from any exposure. Once the filling is in place, you are able to chew normally without any pain or sensitivity. 

Tooth decay can cause holes in the enamel of your teeth, known as cavities. Proper dental care, including regular dental cleanings and fillings, stops tooth decay from causing more serious dental issues.

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